Makes your brand
melts in mind.

Karamel provides one to one engagement advertising
where you have 100% attention from your viewers.

Karamel is a native advertising platform serving ads that 100% certainly seen.

Publishers & Network

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Karamel In-image

Native advertising platform that serves contextually relevant ads with high engagement by overlaying rich media display advertising on the photos of publisher’s websites. Karamel In-image ads work because they get seen, appearing on contextually relevant images, in-line with editorial content where a consumer’s attention is actively engaged.

Karamel Captcha

Leverages captcha as authentication. In authentication, viewers will have to focus their attention to the task. We improved it by addressing what captcha doesn’t do. We make it fun. then we can make engagement between brand and viewers come true. Karamel captcha provides 100% of engagement level to let brands interact with the content viewers

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Brand Safety

Through its technology, Karamel not only determines the subject matter of the image, but also whether it is brand-safe — based on nudity detectors and other features.